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    Object invalidation

      i have a synonym to which i applied policy, when i apply it , it makes the PLSQL depending upon the same synonym invalidated.
      Why every this these PLSQL objects become invalid?
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          Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle

          purely out of the top of my head this makes perfect sense from a security perspective, since when you apply
          a policy we need to invalidate all existing cursors referencing the object, remember security policies are applied
          at parse time, for example adding restricting predicates, by invalidating the entire chain we make sure existing
          cursors can no longer be used that could potentially bypass the new security enforcment of your policy.

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          Harm ten Napel
          Oracle Support
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            Altering/adding/dropping a policy on a synonym updates the corresponding row cache and library cache entries for the synonym and it invalidates all objects dependent on the synonym. If the dependency chain is not very deep, the problem can be ignored ,on subsequent access the dependent objects are validated transparently.
            To avoid such issue you can apply policy directly on the base table.

            Inam Bukhari