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    Unable to connect to database... P6 v 7

      I'm having problems trying to login to P6 v 7. I'm getting the message unable to connect to the database and do I want to configure the database now. I can't recall how this was initially done. Anyone know how to configure the ORAPMDB database?
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          Ruben Reyes -Oracle
          If your installation is standalone and as you mention you are using Oracle database, then follow this steps

          Select the driver Oracle,
          The string connection for Oracle XE is just 'xe'
          For the public username and password use the default 'pubprm$pm' or you can use also 'pubuser' in case that the first fail
          confirm the configuration and test it

          If this username and password fails or throw this kind of error "bad public username or password", I will suggest to create a SR.

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            Daniel Axmacher

            there are some possible reasons for your problem:

            1) Please check if your xe is running. Sometimes there is a mismatch with the url. So start a console (cmd) and enter tnsping xe => you should see there the connection setting with maybe an IP. Check if that is correct with your actual IP. You can change this by looking for listener.ora and also the tnsnames.ora and exchange the value there. Restart Oracle Service and Listener under your services.

            2) To check if you can access your xe start a console and enter sqlplus pubuser/<your password>@xe => Is it connecting => ok | if not then you have a wrong pubuser password. You can change it with sqlplus / as sysdba => Enter alter user pubuser identified by <pubuserpassword>; Then enter that password in your new connection.

            I hope this helps