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    AWE Question


      Did any one triggered requisitions AWE from an app engine prog with out CI ?
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          Generally speaking, you do not need a CI to trigger or interact with AWE workflow. What I've seen in practice, however, is that some approval handlers use %Component and other context sensitive PeopleCode functions and variables. These context sensitive PeopleCode constructs expect AWE to be running in a component and will fail if it is running somewhere else. I am a big fan of AWE in Integration Broker, which is essentially the same as an App Engine. I have processed approvals, pushbacks, and denials through Integration Broker without a CI. The context sensitive constructs are the only issues I have seen.
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            Hi Jim..Thanks for the info.I am trying to use one of the following options to trigger AWE.which option will be referred more

            1) Creating worklist list entry and sending email notification
            2) calling business process using launch manager
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              Aren't those the same? Wouldn't submitting to the ApprovalManager (calling the business process) add it to the worklist and send the e-mail? I think the two go together, not one or the other.
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                ok thanks.
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                  Did you have another idea you were thinking of using?

                  Chapter 3 of my book covers AWE. It is the sample chapter and is available for free. If you are using PeopleTools 8.49, then you can use it "as is." If you are using 8.50 or later, then when reading the text, replace all PTAFAW prefixes with EOAW. PeopleSoft renamed the AWE definitions. You can find the sample chapter here: http://www.mhprofessional.com/downloads/products/0071664939/0071664939_chap03.pdf.
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                    I don't have any other idea..

                    I tried to create a worklist entry through AE.Process is success but i dont see any entry in the worklist table