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    Export user data

      Hi All,

      I am using Siebel 7.7
      My test environment will be overwritten by production data, the only issue being that the test environment users would not be able to log in then on the test environment as the test data is overwritten.
      Is there a way to make sure that test users are still able to log in & do whatever they could before production data came in.

      I thought about going about finding the tables related to S_USER i.e. the relationships so that I can take a cut of those tables from Test environment and then import them back after the production data has come into test environment, but this might be a problem as the tables I identify are most likely going to have referential data which would link them to some other important tables.

      Anybody has an alternative and the best way to go about his.

      Note: I only want user data in the Test environment, rest everything from production is fine