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    Smart View drilldown inserts extra rows in Excel

      Issue: Extra blank rows inserted on second drilldown of Rows dimension.
      Smart View version: (Build 434)
      Excel version: 2007 SP3 running on Windows XP

      Aftering drilling down on a dimension on a row in an ad-hoc query and then drilling back up, it doesn't seem that Smartview "cleans up" extra blank rows on a grid that it no longer needs. The result is that drilling down on another row member inserts a large number of empty rows between the drilled-down members, one row for each of the non-erased rows from the grid.

      A workaround for this is to delete all the empty rows from the grid before drilling down on the second dimension. But this is pretty tedious from a user's perspective. Mutiple users are encountering the problem. Has anyone encountered the same situation and, if so, have you found a solve?