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    Job Data - Reports To impact for backfilled positions

      PS 9.0 - If a Supervisor's position has been vacated on 5th Aug, and has been backfilled by a new employee on Sep 1 then the direct reports job data will show the new Supv ID on the rows prior to Sep 1. This some how doesnot comply with the effective dating rules.

      Also, since no new row has been added on the direct report's Job Data, automated life cycle mailers cannot be generated so that associated systems can be updated [This is manual step].

      As one of the alternatives to this problem, we would manually insert a new job data row on the employee record so that a life cycle notification can be generated. Is there a smarter way to handle this process - either via process step or technical change? I would like to check if a new row can be added on the DRs job data effective from the hire date on the new supv?