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    JavaFX on ARM tablet

      Hello everybody,

      I'm a newbie JavaFX developer who's trying to understand if I can run my JavaFX Application on an ARM tablet, like the Acer Iconia A200.

      Apart from the fact that I've got to get one yet, my aim is to install Ubuntu 12.04 ARM on it and setup a proper JDK, but I've read just the future JavaFX 3.0 will support ARM chipsets.

      Reading also following thread:

      JavaFX for ARM ?

      I'm wondering how to contact the right people to ask them a "build or milestone" that Richard is mentioning.

      Thanks a lot in advance.
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          Richard Bair-Oracle
          JavaOne is next week!
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            Since it is a business decision to be taken at this time for one of our customers (the difference in cost between a supply of Android tablets and Windows is at least a factor of 2) now I'd like to know if this is feasible.

            Actually is some kind of beta JavaFX binaries available for ARM architecture?
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              Not yet, but coming soon
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                I should say it's a decision I would have had to make in the past days, so I'm very late... "Soon" means a week or so or even more?

                (Sorry for my insistence)
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                  Soon is a very relative term. The last roadmap I have seen had it pegged for mid 2013 along with the JDK 8 release. Which in terms of Java releases is very soon since the last one took years to materialize and has still not penetrated far enough to call it stabilized.

                  What may arrive sooner than that is the developer preview and the beta release, but those are of no use to you professionally.
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                    I agree, but the project itself needs to start beta testing, arriving the production stage in some months. So what I'm asking now is this developer preview, at least have something concrete on which to make a decision.
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                      Anyhow could you confirm me that if I rewrite the UI logic using Swing/AWT rather than JavaFX then the application will run on an ARM tablet? Please remember that my goal is to install Ubuntu ARM on the tablet because I know I'll feel more familiar with it (also because in Android OS I didn't understand at all how to port and run native Java applications...).
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                        If there is a working Java runtime that is according to the specifications then yes - it will work. The question is not if it will work however, what is more interesting is if it is a good idea. What AWT/Swing is not designed for, being old APIs, is interaction with swipe interfaces; its very oriented towards mouse, keyboard and regular desktops. The user experience may be severely lacking.

                        Perhaps you should let go of the idea to do what you want with a client side technology and make it web based; it may not be the nicest platform to develop software solutions for, it certainly is portable. That all depends on what you want to achieve of course.
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                          Hi.The following link might be helpful:
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                            Yes I know these specs about Swing, but anyway my original JavaFX application has been designed as desktop use, so changes for tablet has been made just about increasing button sizes, fonts and so on The application itself does not require more than the input mouse click: on the x86 tablet I have now with a standard desktop Ubuntu the single touch input acts exactly as a left-click mouse input.

                            By the way I come back to my original request, about what Richard Bair said in the re-linked thread:

                            JavaFX for ARM ?

                            "... and we have builds and milestones for partners and such."

                            Can I have more information about the possibility that Richard is mentioning? I don't find the way to contact Nicolas Lorain for details.

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                              Hey Dude, it's totally on.