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      • 15. Re: Post-installation configuration interface not running
        One more thing to try: in some installations the DNS will incorrectly resolve the Apache "_default_" value.

        To work around it, you can try editing the Apache config file:
        # cd /var/opt/sun/xvm/uce/etc/uce_server/
        # cd /var/opt/sun/xvm/uce/etc.opt/server/uce_server/

        Then check which files use the "_default_" hostname:
        # grep -i "^<virtualhost _default_" *.conf

        On one example server - the file httpd-ssl.conf had two entries:
        <VirtualHost default:8003>
        <VirtualHost default:8002>

        Change the "_default_" to "*" (after making a back of the config file, of course):
        <VirtualHost *:8003>
        <VirtualHost *:8002>

        And restart the EC.
        • 16. Re: Post-installation configuration interface not running
          The change that I was given involved this cacaoadm cmd

          #cacaoadm set-param java-flags="-d64 -Xms200M -Xmx8192M -server -XX:StringTableSize=27001 -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=384m -XX:+UseParallelOldGC -Dsun.security.pkcs11.enable-solaris=false -Djava.endorsed.dirs=/usr/lib/cacao/lib/endorsed -Dxvmserver=false" -i oem-ec

          The only difference in this and the existing java-flags on the system, prior to the change, is that the above settings excluded the -Xss256k arg.

          Here were my saved settings:
          java-flags=-d64 -Xms200M -Xmx8192M -server -XX:StringTableSize=27001 -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=384m -Xss256k
          -XX:+UseParallelOldGC -Dsun.security.pkcs11.enable-solaris=false -Djava.endorsed.dirs=/usr/lib/cacao/lib/endorsed -Dxvmserver=false

          I didn't have to do a reboot, just restarted the the EC service with the ecadm start.
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