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    To Extend the mount point in RHEL 4

    Nikunj G
      Hi Guys,

      I have Oracle EBS R12 and 11i in one hard disk but different mount points. Now my requirement is to extend the mount point for EBS R12.

      Below is my my point and available space on server.

      Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
      /dev/sda1 49G 13G 34G 28% /
      /dev/sda3 145G 97G 41G 71% /apps1
      */dev/sdb2 289G 272G 2.8G 100% /apps12*
      /dev/sda2 145G 80G 58G 59% /apps2
      none 1.3G 0 1.3G 0% /dev/shm
      /dev/sda7 981M 517M 415M 56% /home
      /dev/sda5 58G 51G 4.6G 92% /stage
      /dev/sda8 2.0G 36M 1.8G 2% /tmp
      /dev/sdb1 115G 75G 34G 69% /u01

      I want to extend the apps12 mount point? please help me.

      Thanks in advance.