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    Ops Center Console V shows latest downloads as .1536

      I installed a clean/fresh copy of Ops Center Enterprise Manager which showed me v11.1.0.1536 and the ran then downloaded and ran the console upate to bring the system to The issue I'm having is that when I'm in the console, click on "Ops Center Downloads" the downloads displayed are for If I check the "Show Older Updates" box I can see thre newer versions .1549, .1559, and .1571

      The console is installed on Oracle Linux v 5.5

      The original instal was performed using the .1536 package from e-delivery in a command shell
      The .1571 update was installed using a download from e-delivery and applied in a command shell

      It acts like the versioning database is out of sync.

      When I attempt to deploy/push the proxy the ProxyProvPrecheck passes but the copy fails in ProxyProvProvision. Is that because the files aren't on the local system?

      I have downloaded both the .1536 and .1571 versions using the console and the error continues. We tested (completely different system) with .1536 and the deployment worked.

      Any ideas?