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    How to retreive USERNAME and PASSWROD of CRMOD using WSDL in Java??

      Hello Experts,

      We have a requirement of integrating CRM On Demand and UCM with SOA Suite as an middleware.
      The user in CRMOD will upload file to UCM which in turn will return a URL, which i have to insert back in CRMOD.
      For this purpose I have created a jsp page which prompts for file upload option and used a Web applet in CRMOD to display that jsp page

      The problem is how do extract the current users USERNAME and PASSWORD from CRMOD so as to include in the soap header to authenticate the session without user again entering his credentials..
      Most of the CRMOD sample code requires hardcoding Username and Password, but in our case it should not be.

      I tried to use SSO Token,but it seems there is some knows issue of using SSO Token with Web Applet, so the last option remains of using USERNAME and PASSWORD.