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    OraFormsFaces 11.1.2?

      Hi JHS team!

      I have not been able to get an answer from Commit-Consulting on this. Do you know if there is a planned release for oraformsfaces 11.1.2 of jdeveloper / jhs? It is still in the JHS 11.1.2 documentation, but we are unable to use oraformsfaces in jdeveloper.

      I am looking for timelines and guidance here. if we can have an idea of whether there are plans for this and a timefram, that would be great. if you can somehow get me some more direct contact information, that would be ideal.

      I have sent a contact form in with no response.

      Oh, and if OraFormsFaces is not supported by JHS 11.1.2, we probably need an update to the developers guide.


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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          Did you get a reaction from Commit Consulting in the meantime?

          Steven Davelaar,
          Jheadstart Team.
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            Still no word. I tried their site, EMG, here, facebook .... I think it is a one man show and he is travelling or something??? Again, I don't like the idea of being tied to a particular release of ADF. From what I have seen, there should be nothing preventing us using it with 11.1.2 of either product. It may just be a packaging / testing issue.

            Regardless, it probably shouldn't be part of the JHS release.

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              So, I spoke with Wilfred last week. We have since been able to get OraFormsFaces working with JDeveloper 11.1.2 and Oracle Forms 11.1.2. Here is the trick.

              1) Make sure you patch Oracle Forms
              2) Install OraFormsFaces manually in JDeveloper.

              Wilfred is working on a proper JDeveloper install and IDE integration support (for drag and drop from component pallet) sometime in December.

              When running, it seemed to work ok with the demo. We are working on seeing what we need to do from our application perspective.

              Points to note: This is a small company and it is still hard to reach Wilfred

              Hope this helps,

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                I have tried OraFormFaces with JDeveloper and Oracle Forms 11gR2. First of all, you have to install everything manually including the jsp tag library and the libraries and jars in oracle forms.

                Then the oraFormFaces tag library only works inside of a jsp or jspx page. It does not work inside of an ADF page fragment (jsff), neither inside of a jsf page. It does not even show up in the component palette.

                The irony is that if you use the 'JHeadStart OraFormFaces Generator' then you would expect everything to work. But the 'JHeadStart OraFormFaces Generator' puts the <off:form> tag inside of the adf page fragment created for your form. When you run your application created from the JHeadstart OraFormFaces Generator, the tag is never interpreted by the server, it's printed as is in the html.

                For the tag to work you will have create a jspx page for each form that you want to display. I was able to run the oraFacesForm from a jspx page but on save i got error 'FRM-40508: ORACLE error: unable to INSERT record.' In order to debug this i will have to dig through oraFormFaces javascript. I am thinking not to go this route as oraFormFaces has not been released for jdev by commit consulting. I am assuming commit-consulting will have to create an ADF declarative component for this to work.

                Now, I am confused why does the JHeadstart team has this option when it does not even work and why is this even documented in the developer's guide when it has not been tested with ?
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                  This is wilfred, the creator of OraFormsFaces.
                  You are correct that JDeveloper/ADF 11.1.2.x is not fully supported yet. As you say, it requires manual installation. We are working on a release that's fully compatible with 11.1.2.x but until now there are no licensed customers that needed this feature so it kept slipping and other issues got more priority.
                  The current version of OraFormsFaces uses JSF 1.x which should work just fine in JDev/ADF 11.1.2.x as long as you use the "JSP XML" document type. This ensures you are not using facelets and JSF 2.0. With the "old" (JSF 1.x) controller, page fragments should work as well even in 11.1.2.

                  If you run a page and the off:form is in the rendered html this seems to indicate the JSP tag library is missing from your project or the appropriate off namespace is not declared in the root element of the page (fragment).

                  The FRM-40508 unable to INSERT seem to indicate a SQL error during the INSERT statement at the database. This seems to be a "normal" Forms error, most likely to a non existing database table, table structure mismatch with the blok in Forms (dropped columns?), or connecting using a database user that does not have privileges for this table to perform the insert. This doesn't sound to be OraFormsFaces related as we do not alter any behavior between Oracle Forms and the database.

                  PS. We are actively working on the 11.1.2 release and try to get it out there as soon as possible
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                    Steven Davelaar-Oracle
                    And regarding the JHeadstart documentation, JHeadstart and OraFormsFaces are separate products with their own release schedule. As we expected 11..1.2 support in OraFormsFaces to follow soon after JHeadstart release, we did not change the documentation and wizards, otherwise we would have to make a new JHeadstart release just for OFF. As Wilfred explained, it turned out to be a little longer before OFF supports 11.1.2, so in hindsight we should have changed the doc and wizard. Anyway, sorry for the confusion hopefully things will be sorted out quickly by Wilfred's team.

                    Steven Davelaar,
                    JHeadstart team.
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                      Hi Wilfred,

                      This is Alex Varghese. I have posted multiple messages on your website contact form requesting you to contact me regarding a production license for OraFormsFaces. Could you please look at your messages and email me?

                      Thank you,