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    Solaris 11 hp dl 180 g6 - installer doesn't start


      I'm trying to install solaris 11 on an hp dl 180 g6 server. My main problem is that the installer cannot start - after 'Preparing disk image for use' I got 'Login services cabbot run' and it starts the maintenance mode.
      In this maintenance mode I have only a ram disk, it lacks like... everything, only some basic utilities are present.
      This is second dl180 and a second failure. I tried all of the installation media options, and I got the same result.

      Is there a way to install Solaris 11 manually ? Like manually create zpool (zpool and zfs utilities are present) and manually unpack the systrem from the distro ? Like it can be done in FreeBSD for example, or in Linux.
      If there is such a way, then how can this be done ? Right now I'm struggling to determine where is the CD-drive having only utilities on the ramdik solaris creates.

      May the the roor of the problem is in the fact that I'm installing Solaris using the dl180 ilo - so it uses the virtual image mounted via the java applet, and the hardware is treting it as an USB CD-Drive.
      Did any of you guys try to install Solaris 11 viw the HP's ILO or from the USD CD drive ?

      The fact is that Solaris 10 installs just fine. Looks like I will have to install it instead of the 11.
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          Looks like this an USB-related problem.
          I've just managed to reproduce the problem with virtualbox and the USB Live image.
          And with the same vbox and the DVD image everything was ok.
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            Okay. After hanging a little, experimenting with the NFS, configuring network with netcfg/netadm and finding out that dladm show-phys for some reasion doesn't think this machine is connected (and it is) I found the solution.

            I'm not sure what exactly helped, so I will post both steps:

            - Download and Boot from last HP SPP, install all the updates.
            - Don't use the LO100i Virtual Media built-in capability of handling ISO images. Use Daemontools virtual drive ! After this the Solaris was able to boot up, found it's media and launched the installation process.

            Hope it will help someone.