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    need alternative with rman method to refresh test db ---maybe flashback?

      We have a production db(PROD) , and a test db(TEST). Both are on linux redhat with db version 11gr2 and both are on RAC.

      Current method to refresh test environment has using this:

      using the tape backup of sunday full backup, and restore to the test db. Then Recover to the point of time. Then recreate the TEST environment by pointing the db to TEST enviornment, then recover to required timestamp (let's say Wednesday 9am). It usually takes 4 days to do so.
      So let's say a request made on 09/22/2012 for a Test db to be refreshed up to 09/19/2012 environment (Test usually need to be refreshed once a quarter).

      The tedious steps cost us 4 days to finishup everything.

      I would like to know if it is possible like this:

      on 09/22/2012, I do a transportable tablespace move from PROD to Test, which cost 1 day. Then I flashback to that timestamp of 09/19/2012 9:00:00.

      Is it possible? I really appreciate everybody's input.

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