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    finding application user names using   Process id

      Hi ,

      I have to find out how we can find out application user names. i have written below query ,its giving the username details using process id.

      select d.user_name, b.program,b.process,b.sid,b.serial#
      from apps.fnd_logins a,
      v$session b, v$process c, apps.fnd_user d
      where b.paddr = c.addr
      and a.pid=c.pid
      and a.spid = b.process
      and d.user_id = a.user_id
      and (d.user_name = 'USER_NAME' OR 1=1)
      and b.program like '%JDBC%'
      and b.process='29925';

      its giviing 6 rows.

      when i am quiring the vR$session using same process id , its giving 8 rows.

      But my requirement is when i am executing the above query why it has not displaying 8 rows,

      and what is the relationship between fnd_logins,fnd_user,v$session and v$process?


      I need to find

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