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      • 15. Re: ATG 10.1 License required for Production?
        Gary K-Oracle
        Despite Oracle/ATG removing license keys to execute the software, you are still required to have valid licenses to run the software regardless of where it is being run (production, QA, development). Anywhere you run the software, you need to ensure you have a license to do so.

        Your Oracle sales team can provide details on pricing for the various license types.

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          So that means I must buy the ATG software product and also buy a license key each to fill into the software in my development, UAT and production machines?
          And the ATG product comes with Oracle HTTP server and the Web Logic application server?
          About the development IDE, if I use Netbeans or Eclipse, that means all I need to do is set the application server as the Web Logic application server?
          Last question, can we do federation and clustering for high availability with ATG, the same way you can do with IBM Websphere Commerce?

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            Nooruddin Shaik
            The product doesn't come with http or app server. You need to get either JBOSS/WebLogic/WebSphere separately.

            Yes, get the IDE of your choice and set up the application server. ATG provides eclipse plug-in to develop ATG applications.

            You can configure federations and clustering like any other J2EE app.

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