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    Disable or Hide return link

      I have a report that is navigated to by a couple of of other reports. The return link takes you the home dashboard page, and not the report that preceded it. To fix this I created a back link in the static text object. ( I know the user can use the browser's back button, but not all users think of this) But now I have this back link and the standard return link which could frustrate users. How do I disable this link for this report?
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          Since you are using your own links the below code would be the easiest one
          See how it helps, use narrative view

          display: none;

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            Thanks, this worked after I also pasted the contents of the ResultLinkcell.
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              Hi Srini,

              If i am using the above script, no links wil be displayed. But i want print and export to be displayed and only return to be removed. Is that possible?

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                Sasi  Nagireddy
                Yes we can do that.

                It can be done by doing below steps.

                1) before doing this take a backup of instanconfig.xml file and do the below changes...

                You can configure various options that change the way that right-click interactions are handled in views for an analysis at runtime. The elements in the instanceconfig.xml file specify the default settings for a new or upgraded analysis. You can edit the properties of an analysis in Presentation Services to modify how the analysis handles right-click interactions in views.

                Before you begin this procedure, ensure that you are familiar with the information in Section 3.4, "Using a Text Editor to Update Configuration Settings."

                To manually configure for interactions in views:

                2) C:\Oracle\Middleware\instances\instance1\config\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\instanceconfig.xml
                Open the instanceconfig.xml file for editing,

                Locate the sections in which you must add the elements

                Include the elements and their ancestor elements as appropriate, as shown in the following example:


                4) Save your changes and close the file.

                Restart Oracle Business Intelligence.

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