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    FDM Pull adapter: Multiple export scripts?

      Having successfully modified the PULL Adapter Export script to use commas as a delimiter and get rid of the enquoting of fields, I'm left with another quandry:

      The export script has been specifically modified for a particular input file's contents. We have two other input files that will need very different export formats, such as multiple-field concatenation, etc. I do see three "Export" scripts in the Adapter's Actions folder, but what I don't see is anyplace that you get to specify which export [format or script] to use.

      Am I missing something?

      Thank you.
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          The other Export scripts , ExportA and ExportB are used for creating supplemantary export files containing additional information. The Export script is the one used to generate data file output. You have a couple of options:

          1) Create two copies of the origina;l PULL adapter and modify the Export action scripts of these new adapters as reuired for each file format. Then create 3 locations (one for each file output type) and assocaite the necessary adapter with each location.

          2) As with option 1 you'll need 3 locations, but just have one adpter and put some conditional code into the Export script which checks the current location and executes the appropriate output code based on the returned value.

          Option 1 is cleaner and more scalable / maintainable in my opinion.