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    Exclamatory symbol in few databse columns

    Sreedevi -Oracle
      Hi All,

      We are synchronizing item information between one source instance and a target instance using Oracle Fusion Middleware components and AIA Foundation Pack 2.5.
      In the source instance we have an extract API which extracts the information and passes over to the Enterprise Business Service which routes the request to the provider service in the target instance. There is an inbound API in the target instance that calls ego_item_pub.process_items and either creates/updates the item information.

      Everything goes well during the create scenario. But for update scenario few attributes like DEFECT_TRACKING_ON_FLAG,COMMS_ACTIVATION_REQD_FLAG,ORDERABLE_ON_WEB_FLAG,financing_allowed_flag are updated as ! in the target instance. This happens for few items only.
      These attributes are null in the source instance and the same is mapped to the table type parameter in the item api. In front end these attributes are unchecked.

      Does any one have an idea of what is causing this?