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    ERPi: During defining source system "Extract ID" is not appearing?

    Sher Ullah Baig
      I m defining Source system in ERPi when i start to "initialize" the "Extract ID" is not returning anything Only process ID is appear.
      I cross checked ODI agent name, port number, source system and other details but still same issue.
      i also gone through to "ID 1234313.1"
      need your help pzl.

      My instance details:
      Source system Name: ERPIFDMDrillThrough
      Source system type: E-Business suit Release 12
      Drill throug: http://oracelebsserver.domain.com
      EPMA data source name:
      ODI Details
      Context: GLOBAL
      Repository Code: ERPIWORKREP1
      Agent host: (i m providing IP)
      Agent Port: 20910
      User: SUPERVISOR
      Pass: password123
      JDBC Driver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
      JDBC URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//
      Repo user: erpiuser
      Log Level: 5


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