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    Future of Web Services

      I want to know what are the possible Future research areas Regarding "Web Services" and in what direction "Web Services" are moving. I am not talking about "Microsoft Web Services". I am talking about "Web Services" in general. I did google but what ever i found was like couple of years old and obsolete. couldnt get any direction from IEEE too. Plz some expert of this line should guide me. I will be obliged like anything.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          You say that like there is some group of people that decides this. There is no such thing, advancement in technology happens when someone has a good idea and that good idea is then proven and adopted. The current generation of web services includes RESTful webservices for example. Who knows what someone can come up with in the future?
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            "The Current generation is RESTful webservices for example".......now that is actually helpful for me. i can read about RESTful webservices and may find a clue. if u can add something more about current generation that would be GOLD. thanking you.
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              Search for the problems/issues with web services.

              Based on my experience, SOAP/WSDL web services didn't gain significant popularity as expected. For developers, setting up even something like security (WS-Security, WS-SecurityPolicy) can be a quite tedious task. Many specs tend to be perfect and full in scope. But learning is not so easy.

              This doesn't mean that they are not used, they are used extensively. But they continue to be things many developers are not finding time to learn and use.

              Recently, I have seen some discussions indicating that people talk about manageability and governance. They are much related to SOA than integration with web services.