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    Remote access to apex applications

      dear all

      I am finding i way to enable access to apex applications from remote machines in my LAN. Local access is working fine. I need to enable users to access applications from their clients web-browser by using URL such as http://lugao-pc:8282/apex. I am using Apex 4.1.1 in Oracle 11gR2 using Embedded PL/SQL Gateway

      I have seen other posts that say Enable Remote HTTP Connection to the Database by using EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETLISTENERLOCALACCESS(FALSE); in SQLPlus as SYSDBA. But this has not helped me. I am thinking this is because I am using PL/SQL Gateway not Oracle HTTP Server. If am not wrong how can I allow remote access by using existing installation?


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          You need run EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETLISTENERLOCALACCESS(FALSE); if you use Embed PL/SQL Gateway.
          If you would use other HTTP server then you do not need.

          Have you try turn your server firewall of and see does connection work then?

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            Thanks Jari

            True the problem was on firewall settings. Disabling Windows Firewall immediately I am able to access epex from remeote machine


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              Just a follow up note, that disabling Windows firewall completely may not be a great idea unless you are working within a secured LAN network behind a firewall protecting from the outside world. Windows firewall does allow the inclusion of specific exceptions such as opening ports and restricting access from the outside world from specific subnets or IP addresses. A good rule of thumb when thinking about modifiying security settings on your host machine is to open up the least amount of access as possible to get your remote users onboard.