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    How to retrieve deleted Siebel Attachment files


      An end-user of my Siebel ERM Application has accidentally deleted some of the file attachments under a record .
      Is there any possibility of retrieving it ?

      I believe that even if you delete attachment files from the GUI , the .SAF files will still not get deleted from the siebel file system directory in the servers.

      I only have the deleted attachments' names (Attachment Title) with me now , as it was present in the Audit Trail .

      Is there any chance if we can get back the row id of these deleted files and thereby retrieve the file's contents from the SAF files ?

      thks in advance .

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          Luckily I have never been in a scenraio like yours.
          But according to the theory it is correct that SAF files will stay in the Siebel FS, even when the record is deleted.

          From the top of my head the names of the SAF file consist of the Siebel Table name, ROW_ID and REVISION_NUM (and .SAF).
          What you could try to do is to locate the files that don't have a corresponding record in the Siebel Table.
          Keep REVISION_NUM out of the filter.

          But so far I don't think you can find them with just the attachment title.