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    Query hitting @ Detail Level source

      HI friends

      Why the query is hitting the detailed level source when aggregate source is available ? BI Server is confused and hitting the detail level. Even after setting the levels at content tab it is not hitting the aggregate source.

      Thanks in advance
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          Check out your data modelling once again, i mean check if you hav done your modellign correct. The aggregation level should be setup correctly.BI server understands what ever you give in your modelling.

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            When the query is sent to the detailed source, here are some causes (Not all though ;))

            1. Query Grain : If the query grain is much lower than the aggreated source grain.

            2. Calculations : Are there any calculations in the query/logical column that might need a detailed source.

            3. Setup : The content settings on the aggregated source might be incorrect. You might start by setting, all the levels to Total and keep decrementing the levels of each dimension and see where it fails.

            Hope this helps.

            Thank you,