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    JavaFX Framerate & Stage Size


      I am new to JavaFX and I am currently evaluating whether to port some Swing based applications. I really like the API. It is definitely fun to work with it! But unfortunately I noticed some performance issues which I would like to understand before starting with implementing real applications.


      Why does the framerate drop if the stage size increases? I add nodes that stay in a rectangular region of the stage that does not change in size. The stage size increases. Unfortunately the framerate drops. It seems like there is some delay which increases if the stage size increases. This is a problem for applications running on big screens such as iMac 27″ (2880×2560). Sometimes I get framerates far below 60 fps. Users do notice that. But as I said, while changing the size I don't change the number of nodes! They are still in the same region as before. Dirty region optimization shoud prevent this behavior. Am I doing something wrong?

      I created a benchmark that demonstrates that. Here are my benchmark results: http://mihosoft.eu/?p=280

      Thanks for your help!

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          Do you notice a difference in framerate when you have some of the Window sitting outside of the desktop screen? So lets say you have a good size window that has good FPS... now drag that window so that part of it sits outside of the desktop screen. do you notice a drop in FPS?

          This is what I am noticing.