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    Oracle XE 12c

      Oracle 12c will be realeased soon (by the end of the year). As well there will be (I assume) a new release of Oracle XE. Did anybody heard, what will be the limitations of Oracle XE 12c?
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          First the for-fee editions on prio platforms will need to be released, not only by word on OOW, but in installable form. I'm guessing starting from q1 2013. Then maybe a release for OS X. Then perhaps some other for-fee products will follow, like Fusion apps or middleware products, that depends on new version database libraries. After that maybe a new XE will see light of day...

          I think you are at least 6 months too early (and that's counting from 2013-01-01). Let's hope your guess is better than mine.

          Re limitations, even if there would be some rumours, they would not be set in stone yet.

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