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    JAX-RPC Webservice Client with JAX-WS

    Venkat Sarvabatla

      I have JAX-RPC model webservice written by some other team in my company.

      I generated java classes with WSDL using "wsimport" . I try to call the service method getting null values from service methods I did not see any errors in log files.

      If I call the service methods in JAX-RPC model client(using jar file generated in JAX-RPC model) getting values from service methods.

      Please let me know what is the mistake I am doing.

      Questions :

      Client and webservice both should be in same model(JAX-RPC) or clinet JAX-WS and webservice in JAX-RPC we can access webservice in this mpdel also.
      Please help me to resolve this issue.

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          speculating a bit i would think that in-between client and server there is xml so either model should be valid as long as you have separate jars.
          I've seen exact same error when generating Java with wsdlc using JAXRPC and deploy to weblogic with later versions of Eclipse (Juno).
          Apparently Juno-Eclipse and previous can only run JAXWS models, even if deployment goes fine.
          Workshop on the other hand uses JAXRPC model.
          Using a build file and deploy outside Eclipse should work.