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    Link to Oracle XE Universal database version for SOA

      Where can i get the link to download Oracle XE Universal database version
      I can able to see the latest version of oracle 11G R2 XE.

      But I want to install XE for SOA suite 11g.

      urgently needed..

      Thanks in advance..
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          Please note that forums is not a suitable place for 'urgent' requests. For that we have http://support.oracle.com.

          Doesn't SOA suite require at least a version Database server?

          Read documentation. FMW family covers SOA suite, also certification wise as far as I can tell (e.g. Fusion Mw Supported Configurations...).


          11.2 XE is version so it would seem like a better choice for FMW/SOA Suite installation, depending on your platform and other system environment specifics.

          FMW forum categories: https://forums.oracle.com/forums/category.jspa?categoryID=13