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    3.2.09 Edit view action bug

      Using the "Edit..." action from the popup menu on a view is dangerous.

      Try this:

      create or replace view test_view(id_col)
      as select null id_col from dual;

      grant select on
      test_view to <any_role>;

      Edit the view, changing f.ex. null to 1: "as select 1 id_col from dual"

      Select privilege is gone!

      Seems like behind the scenes the view is dropped and recreated instead of using "create or replace", which does not interfere with the privileges.

      Also, when trying out this example of mine, each time I ran into an error while trying to update the view via this dialog (such as a missing column alias) the view had been dropped.

      This edit "feature" should be removed, it is quite dangerous in it's current state.

      Edited by: Björn Darri on Oct 26, 2012 4:37 AM