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    Paralellism problem after recent upgrade to 11.2

      Hi Gurus,

      We have recently upgraded from OWB 10.1 to OWB 11.2
      In 11.2 there is no parallelism for DML statements (INSERT, MERGE etc) in OWB mappings.
      The reason is that the new configuration parameter "Enable Parallel DML" is by default set to false (in 10.1, parallel DML was always enabled).

      We have enabled the parallel DML now in 11.2.
      However we have to still set the parallel hint in the target tables(s) for the parallel DML to be in force

      Now;As I have a huge set of mappings and we are wondering on what basis should we decide on to set these
      hints on target table

      If we enable the hints for all of the target tables it is resulting in

      1) few mappings executing faster(hints in place and paralellism helped)
      2) few mappings executing slower(the paralellism made performance worse)
      3) none(no change with or without paralelism i.e in this case without paralelism helps as it will free up resources and result in total performance improvement )

      so,on what basis should we decide on enabling hints and paralelism in OWB 11.2

      Appreciate your valuable inputs