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      Due to a requirement we need to downgrade our Oracle RAC database from to . I shall be grateful if i could get some advice on it :

      QUESTION # 1: Can we do this directly without reinstalling the software again.

      QUESTION # 2: Can we just downgrade the database and not the ASM ..

      QUESTION # 3: Can i know what the impacts could be please....

      Thanks team, for the help in advance :)
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          Valentin Minzatu
          QUESTION # 1: You can revert to the previous version by restoring from backup (I hope you took one before upgrading) - not sure if the version in the backup is the one you need though ...

          QUESTION # 2: ASM needs to be at the same or higher level than the database so the answer is: Yes

          ... hope this helps,
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            Thanks for the reply....

            I just wanted to clarify one thing as per my question number 1, we do not have any backup as thats the first oracle db we installed. It was a straight fresh installation.....