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    Unable to customize Performance Summary


      I am trying to create a Performance Summary by analyzing data for a specific timeframe. But when right-clicking on the instance of the OVD and selecting Monitoring -> Performance summary, I can only see "ALL" and "15 minutes" timeframe. When I select "ALL", I only get about 50 minutes of data. I need to analyze about 7 days worth of data.

      The documentation below clearly states the data should be gathered overtime:

      Analyze data for a specific timeframe     Use the menu bar across the top of the page to customize the time period shown in all the charts on the page.+

      By default, the page is configured so show all performance data since you began monitoring the chart. This time period is shown at the top left side of the chart:+

      Click 15 minutes to display only the past fifteen minutes of data; additional options (30 minutes, 1 hour) will become available as data is gathered over time.+

      Click Custom to display a slider above the charts, which you can resize to highlight a specific time period, or drag left or right to see earlier or later data.+

      Any help is appreciated