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    Input filters that alter content-length


      I have the following scenario :

      - Apache/2.2.19 (Solaris 10 SPARC)

      SetInputFilter alterxmlbody (AP_FTYPE_RESOURCE)
      SetHandler weblogic-handler (mod_wl_22.so)

      The handler forwards requests to multiple weblogic servers
      and the filter itself analyzes and/or changes the POST data
      in a way that the length of the incoming request may be changed(),
      which in turn results with WL server error caused by truncated POST data.

      The question is :

      What is the proper and legitimate way to deal with this situation?

      Does mod_wl supports this behaviour in the first place?

      I found one discussion that may indicate a problem :

      +[PATCH] Fix proxy's handling of input bodies+

      So, if I'm not wrong, the problem I encountered is
      actually related to the weblogic handler
      that, as described in thread, falls if a input filter
      changes the content of the original request.

      Additional advise on the matter would be appreciated.

      Thanks for any help.

      Best regards

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