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    add breadcrumb related

      Hi All,

      I have OAPageA where there are 3 buttons. When I click on BUTTON1-> redirects to other page, say OAPageB. When click return on OAPageB, goes back to OAPageA.
      On top left corner, there will be a link added in OAPageA. This is related to the action done on BUTTON1 on OAPageA.

      When BUTTON2 or BUTTON3 is clicked on OAPageA and return back from pageB to pageA, still I see the same link on top left corner which was action done for BUTTON1.

      I have observed, what ever first button is clicked on pageA, the same bread crumb is retained when other buttons are clicked, go to next page and coming back to the same page.

      I suspect, it would be breadcrumb issue.

      Even, I tried with ADD_BREAD_CRUMB_RESTART, ADD_BREAD_CRUMB_REPLACE, ADD_BREAD_CRUMB_SAVE. But, still facing the same issue.

      Any inputs are suggested.