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    Need help tracking kstat ierrors

      Hi There,

      I have a X4270 M2 server that is showing a rapid increase in ierrors on igb0 as shown in the kstat -p output
      Server is running Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 s10x_u9wos_14a X86

      See errors below for Sept 25th
      igb:0:igb0:ierrors 349650
      igb:0:mac:ierrors 349650
      igb:0:statistics:recv_length_errors 349650

      See errors below for Sept 27th
      igb:0:igb0:ierrors 4010713
      igb:0:mac:ierrors 4010713
      igb:0:statistics:recv_length_errors 4010713

      Any help in tracking down the source of these errors would be greatly appreciated. If any additional info is needed I will be happy to provide it