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    Zero results / Dead-End Navigation queries

      Hi All,

      We have a scenario where endeca returns zero results for navigation only queries and we do not want the user to land into such scenarios. Lets take an example setup like below -




      Lets say user selects Samsung under the filter Brand and both DVD-Players and Headphones under the filter Products (Multi-select OR enabled for Products).

      Lets say, there were 3 results returned for this query, 2 DVD-Player products and 1 Headphone product.
      (DVD-Player price range - 100-250$
      Headphone Price range - 0-100$ )

      Now if the user refines further by Price-Range filter, by selecting the 100-250$ range, only 2 DVD-player products will be returned. After these selections, if the user now removes only the DVD-Players filter, then there will be zero matching records for the remaining selections.

      This a just a sample scenario and there can be many others like this. How do one make sure to not let the user land into such scenarios? Any suggestions?

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          Michael Peel-Oracle
          This is unfortunately a trade off with multi-select OR navigation requests. The cleanest way to handle it that I know of is to:
          1) In the URLs to remove filters (in your left hand navigation), add a token to the URL to indicate it is a "remove filter" action
          2) In your web application, when you get the ENEQueryResults object back, check if the total number of records is zero
          3) If zero, and the action was a "remove filter", display a message to the user that "removing XYZ returns zero results due to your other selections"
          4) You can either display the zero results page at this point, or display the state prior to it - or even clear all filters apart from category

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            Thanks for the suggestion Michael. We are also thinking of clearing all the filters for now, but that would still mislead / confuse the user. Business does not want the user to see zero results. So its a tricky situation we are facing.
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              But ... zero results is the correct answer.
              Maybe the best way of addressing this is to tell the user that for the combination of selections which they have made there are no results. And suggest how they can get results by making different selections.