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    To Recycle or Not To Recycle?

      In the previous version 6.0 and IIS 6 we had all app pools set to recycle every day.
      We kept these settings for 6.1 and IIS 7.5, however the first few users that sign on early are complaining of long wait times and unhandled errors.
      Should recycling the app pools not be schedule on a regular interval for 6.1?
      What is the recommendation?

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          Matt J-Oracle
          although custom code (validators, methods, guard conditions, etc) may negate this, we recommend no app pool recycling. app pools should be monitored for memory use, and at a minimum; GSM, GSMView, and NPD should be in their own app pools. After that, the app pool settings as outlined in the 6.1 install/upgrade guide (and reiterated in the Maintenance Pack Install Guide) should be followed.

          Keep in mind, on a 32-bit server, anything above ~800 MB in any given app pool will have adverse affects on performance and functionality. On a 64-bit server, this is raised to ~1800 MB.

          We are currently working on a capacity planning guide that will outline this information and more. In it, we have defined an app pool distribution that serves as a good starting point. However, every customer is different, so this should be modified based on your environment and needs.

          |App Pool Name     |Applications|
          |PLM4P_GSM     |GSM|
          |PLM4P_GSMView     |GSMView|
          |PLM4P_PDM     |Integration, ProdikaReporting, SCRM, WFA|
          |PLM4P_MAIN     |Portal, REG, UGM, DRL|
          |PLM4P_FC     |PQS, OPT|
          |PLM4P_NPD     |NPD|
          |PLM4P_COLLAB|SupplierPortal, SupplierPortalAdmin, eQ|

          App Pool Settings posted for quick reference (however, the latest install guide on OTN should always be referenced for the latest settings)
          |IIS 7.x Parameter|Parameter Value|
          |Enable 32-Bit Applications|True|
          |Managed Pipeline Mode|Classic|
          |Queue Length|4000|
          |Identity (Custom Account)|PLM4P_AppUser|
          |Idle Time-Out|0|
          |Regular Time Interval|0|
          |Ping Enabled|False|
          |Rapid-Fail Protection|False|
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            Thanks! We have our App Pools set as follows and we set all other settings as outlined in the install guide, except for the recycling. Which now is set not to recycle.

            App Pool Name Applications
            PDM_GSM GSM, GSMView
            PDM_Global cssPortal, drl, eq, integration, pqs, reg, ProdikaReporting, SCRM, SupplierPortalAdmin, SupplierPortal, ugm, WebDAV, wfa
            PDM_Portal Portal
            PDM_NPD NPD

            We also have separate server for NPD vs GSM with same app pools.

            Please let us know when the capacity planning guide is released.