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Want to use Solaris with ZFS for storage on a glusterfs server with nfs

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Saw you primary question in
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"I would like to use Solaris with ZFS to provide storage for a glusterfs server with nfs" this is exactly what I want to do.

But I have two nodes oi_151a6. I have a basic gluster 3.3. set up running as follows, but I am stumped on how to do anything with it, in fact the underlying NFS sub-system has some errors that I don't understand.

Can I actually do anything with an all OI/Illumos/Solaris infrastructure (no Linux head node) ?

I would like to know more about your experiences and if you could share your setup and build instructions I would be much obliged

Thanks in Advance,

root@oiha2:/usr/local/sbin# ./gluster
gluster> volume list
gluster> volume delete v0
gluster> volume create gv0 replica 2 poiha1:/brick0 poiha2:/brick0
Creation of volume gv0 has been successful. Please start the volume to access data.
gluster> volume start gv0
Starting volume gv0 has been successful
gluster> volume list
gluster> volume info
Volume Name: gv0
Type: Replicate
Volume ID: 73c95fea-501a-458d-aab9-98886839423b
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 1 x 2 = 2
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: poiha1:/brick0
Brick2: poiha2:/brick0
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    I have no idea if this would work. I'm not familiar with glusterfs and we don't test ZFS with this product.

    What I know is that ZFS is a not a cluster or distributed file system (can't be shared simultaneously between
    2 systems), but it is used with our Solaris Cluster product as a failover file system with NFS. If this is what
    you are asking about, then it would probably work, but who would support this configuration?

    I would ask a glusterfs forum about your errors and how to resolve them.

    Thanks, Cindy