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    SQL *Plus

      Can anyone point me to the link for d/loading SQL *Plus please?
      Can't seem to find it anywhere on the Oracle site....if it is part of something like the Ora DB Express Edition then please let me know (and accept my apologies!)

      Many thanks,

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          Download the Oracle client. After installing you will find sqlplus in the bin directory.

          When you have installed a database server version, the client is a part of it and you can find it also in the bin directory.
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            For sql*plus simplest option is the Instant Client:


            Get the Basic/Basic Lite + Sqlplus packages. Unzip and all you need is four-five files, no heavy install and installer, just copy a few files to a folder of choice.

            One example of Instant Client usage:
            C:\User\Files\Ora-IClite>dir *.dll *.exe
             Volume in drive C is OS
             Volume Serial Number is 6E8F-186A
             Directory of C:\User\Files\Ora-IClite
            2011-07-30  13:21           683 008 oci.dll
            2011-07-30  13:21        44 153 856 oraociicus11.dll
            2011-07-30  13:21         1 501 696 Orasqlplusic11.dll
            2011-07-30  13:21           869 376 sqlplus.exe
                           4 File(s)     47 207 936 bytes
                           0 Dir(s)  40 006 668 288 bytes free
            C:\User\Files\Ora-IClite>.\sqlplus test@'localhost/xe'
            SQL*Plus: Release Production on Tue Oct 2 21:02:18 2012
            Copyright (c) 1982, 2010, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
            Enter password:
            Connected to:
            Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - Production
            Above connect string uses Easy Connect naming, so no tnsnames.ora needed (of course, instead you need to know details of host, port and service name for the listener).