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    How to setup sticky session with OHS mod_wl_ohs plugin

      Hi all,

      I don't understand how sticky sessions work with OHS with mod_wl_ohs plugin
      I have the following environment :
      - 1 WLS Cluster with 2 nodes, configured in active-active mode
      - 1 Java application deployed in that cluster that produce a classic JSESSIONID session cookie to identify the session
      - 2 OHS in front of this, each one targeting the cluster like this :
      <Location /myApp>
      SetHandler weblogic-handler
      WebLogicCluster node1:8001,node2:8001

      For some technical reason I need to have sticky session based on that JSESSIONID but I can't figure out how to setup OHS to handle the request in a sticky session mode on JSESSIONID
      I've read that sticky session is active by default but what happens if my session cookie is not called JSESSIONID ? And what happens if I don't want to use sticky session for one location ?

      Thanks for your help.