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    Oracle DB solaris 8 To Oracle  AIX 6.1

      Dear All,

      My Oracle 9201 database on sun 5.8 migration to on AIX 6.1

      Step 1

      Source on Oracle 9201 database on sun 5.8 I exported the database

      exp system/**** FULL=y FILE=exp_full.dmp STATISTICS=NONE LOG=exp_full.log

      Q1 Is this command is correct or do i need to add any other parameters ?

      Step 2

      Target on AIX 6.1

      1) Installer 10g patch set etc and created the database using dbca
      2) Created all the tables spaces same as Source database

      To Import the database using this command or do i need to some
      imp system/***** FULL=y FILE=exp_full.dmp LOG=imp_full.log IGNORE=y

      Do I need to create all the users and or What else i need do before i need to run imp

      Pls List of the things which i need to create before i run imp

      Best Regards