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    UPK on Mobile Devices?

      Hi Experts -

      Please could you let me know if the UPK files can be played on mobile/smart phones or iPhones?

      If yes, please can you provide some pointers on the configuration for the same.

      Best Regards, Nitin K
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          Hi Nitin,

          Interesting topic... I would assume that as a UPK user, you would definitely be able to access published UPK content that has been deployed to a web server.

          Obviously your goal would be to have the device connected to the intranet/network upon which the web server resides (that hosts the UPK virtual directory), and then in the browser of the mobile device, point it to the published content on the web server and see if it opens up the player (as you would do if you were accessing the content from a normal machine through a web browser). I wouldn't see what would stop it from working albeit the fact that there are not any certifications on mobile devices that I am aware of...

          Give it a try - it would be interesting to know if the published content can be pushed to a smartphone browser!

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            You may experience issues with it running on Apple devices as the sound (at lease in versions up to 3.6) is recorded using flash. If you publish it without sound it will run fine. I have run it on android devices with sound both locally and accessing it on a webserver. To run it locally however, on my android device I installed a browser called Dolphin. for some reason the default browser did not like opening it from a file.
            I have run it from several e-readers as well. I currently have my published content loaded locally on a Pandigital SuperNova and it works very well. I have not tried accessing it on a server with the fully integrated knowlege center yet, but I assume as long as I have network connectivity, it should work fine.