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    How to setup Redundant Interconnects ?

      I am planning to install Grid Infrastructure on a Solaris platform , We used to do IPMP before for High availability interconnect.
      since Oracle seems to address it this by itself but I am having a hard time finding documentation,
      I am trying to figure out what I need to request the network admin and SA to be able to start the install.
      We use VLAN for interconnects, so for HAIP I need multiple VLANS and have interfaces created for those by the SA's so that I can use at the "Network Interface Usage" stage of GI install ?

      I found following online about this but kind of confused, it talk about having 2 interfaces , This example shows eth1 and eth2 using a 192.168.0.* subnet. But shouldn't they supposed to be on different subnets , rather then same subnet ?