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    Setting Up 11g Reports Development Environment

      Here's the goal:
      To be able to upgrade existing reports written in Oracle Reports 10g to Oracle Reports 11g R2 in addition to create new reports (in 11g) on a development machine connecting to a remote database.

      My question revolves around the WebLogic server and what exactly I need to install?

      I'm using WinXP (32-bit) SP3 with 2gb of memory, so I do not want (nor do I think I need) to install the full blown WLS.

      What I'm hoping to do is the same thing we were doing in 10g. That is, we do not run the OC4J. When we develop the reports on our development machines, we can test them using the "run paper" layout. We then deploy the .REP to a development app server where we can then confirm everything is working in that environment.

      From my reading, it seems you can do that (install WLS but not have it run). Would that be correct?

      Further, which version of WLS would I need that would take the least amount of space along with the least memory?

      I see there are three different versions of WLS including one that indicates it is for WLS development only. I thought that maybe that one would work (assuming 12.1.1 is certified with Forms and Reports 11g R2), but then I saw a comment that indicated it might not.

      Whatever happened to the day where you downloaded one file, installed it and went about your way? :)

      Thanks for the help!
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          Rzuluaga - Oracle-Oracle
          the best approach you can use is 11gR2 and install in Development mode. This means that Reports and Form will be deployed under AdminServer meaning that this will be the smaller blue print you can get.
          Oracle Forms and Reports 11g Release 2 (11.1.2) Development Installation FAQ (Doc ID 1373210.1)

          If you do not want to test reports on the web, maybe that is ok for you, then you do not even need anything running but just testing using rwrun command.

          Hope this helps, Roberto