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    How can Event Handler show error message on UI screen?

      I have created a pre-process Event Handler that triggers on the CREATE operation of a User object. If this event handler detects an error, I want to be able to generate an error message that is visible to the user on the UI screen. I understand that errors should be returned by throwing the EventFailedException object. However, everything I try to do only results in some generic message being displayed. My custom message does not display. How can I get my custom error message to display on the UI when the create user fails in my pre-process Event Handler?

      Here is the message that I get in all cases that I've tried:

      An error occurred while performing create user operation. The create operation on user entity failed in action stage.

      Although this is correct, it doesn't tell the user why it failed. My custom error message would do that so I need to get that message to display here. Is there a way to do that?

      Thank you.