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    Upgrade of jHeadstart to newest release

      We are planning a upgrade of jDeveloper/ADF to latest
      version. In this process we need to upgrade jHeadstart as well.

      We would appreciate some feedback to how much time such an upgrade will
      require. As every project is different we would be happy to get some
      general description of the upgrade process and estimated time for each

      A link to the releasenotes and installation guide would be appreciated
      as well.

      Best regards Ronny
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          Stephen J.
          I did an upgrade from JHS 10.1.3 to about a year ago. Release notes are included with the JHS install and upgrade steps are included in the release notes.

          Time commitment for the upgrade is going to depend on how extensively you've customized the JHS templates, or customized the application outside of JHS. Because of the changes in ADF Faces components between 10 and 11, JHS will regenerate your viewcontroller project from scratch (after upgrading your existing JHS definition) and then you have to re-apply any template customizations to the new templates.

          One nice thing is that, in 11g, a lot of things that you used to have to do via customizations are now handled by JHS, or by the updated ADF components, so I was able to throw away many of the custom templates I had used in 10g.

          So if your viewcontroller is pure JHS (no customizations) the upgrade is pretty clean.
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            Hi Stephen,

            Could you please tell me how can I get Jheadstart wich include forms2adf? Thx
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              You will need to buy a license. That is the only way they give you this feature. In the end, you should be happy with the overall JHS product before considering this anyways. So, evaluate the tool and then if you want it, the generator is a bonus in certain situations.

              Good luck!