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    Is there any connectors between - OBIEE RPD & Big Data

      Is there any connector between - OBIEE RPD & Big Data? How we will get structured & unstructured data into OBIEE RPD to generate reports?
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          Johan Louwers
          Not sure what you want to achieve here... however.. what I read is that you would like to have a way to get unstructured data into structured so you can report on it using OBIEE. (Correct?).

          Depending on the amount of data and the things you need to do to it before you can structure it you can create a map/reduce function and use Hadoop. There is a connector to push the hadoop results into the Oracle database. Then you could use OBIEE to report on the now structured data in the Oracle database.

          As I do not know the details of what you like to achieve,..... this is a solution I would start looking into if I where you. :-)

          Johan Louwers