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    ODI + OLH Error

    Joan Puig-Oracle
      Hi all,

      After fighting for days to load a HDFS file into a Hive table using ODI, now I'm trying to load some columns of this table into an Oracle DB. I created a new Interface with Source and Staging Area the Hive table and the Oracle DB as Target. When I execute the Interface, I'm getting this error:

      ODI-1217: Session Hive to Oracle (40002) fails with return code 7000.
      Caused By: com.sunopsis.tools.core.exception.SnpsSimpleMessageException: ODI-17517: Error during task interpretation.
      Task: 2
      java.lang.Exception: The application script threw an exception: java.lang.RuntimeException:

      Required unix environment variable ODI_OLH_JARS is undefined!
      (I can paste the full log if necessary)

      Obviously, I've checked that this variable is set in the machine containing both the ODI Agent and the OLH. It is set both in the root and the regular user. I've also tried to set oracle.hadoop.loader.libjars from the IKM File-Hive to Oracle properties with no success.

      Has anyone here been in the same situation?