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    Performance Tuning

      HI ,

      i am retrieving data based on prompt,

      I am using 4 union(combined request) and 10 columns

      using below case statment FOR MOST OF COLUMNS with some filter based on those columns

      case when {pvdate} = 'jan' then "led".'YTD1'
      when {pvdate} = 'FEB' then "led".'YTD2'
      when {pvdate} = 'MAR' then "led".'YTD3'
      when {pvdate} = 'DEC' then "led".'YTD12'

      my qn is is it possible make this case as saved filter and call them in all columns?

      since i am using this case for multiple times ,performnce is very slow smtimes i get socket communication error

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