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    'New Table' context menu item is unavailable/grayed out (connected to mysql

      Using Sql Developer 3.2.10..., JDK 1.6.0_11 (bundled) on Windows 7
      DB is Mysql 5.5, using jdbc driver 5.0.8

      When I connect to the db, and attempt to create a new table by right clicking on Tables, the option for New Table is grayed out. The db user has been granted all permissions.

      My real goal is to create a table using an excel/csv, but unable to do this.

      Also - when I click the New... button, and select Table, a dialog pops up to select a connection. It is empty and there are no connections available in it. I am unable to specify a connection there.

      Any ideas about what might cause these options to be unavailable?

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